How Trackers Work


Eyetek sell a range of tracking devices both for vehicle and asset tracking the most common use for these is as a vehicle tracker.

This type of tracker reports back in real time showing the trackers position on a moving map display as often as every 1 second. The tracker obtains its position by using the GPS system (Global Positioning System) The GPS system uses 24 satellites travelling in 6 orbital paths around the Earth at a distance of 12,600 miles. These satellites transmit a low power signal. The pattern of their orbit is calculated so that a GPS receiver on the earth’s surface is always ‘visible to at least 4 of these satellites. From these 4 satellite transmissions your GPS Tracker can work out its location to within a few metres. This is a similar system to that used by car sat NAV systems and is extremely accurate.

The tracker then sends its position data back to our web server via 2G or 3G on the mobile phone network to report its position this can be as often as every 1 second or if regular updates are not required much longer time spans can be selected. The web server also stores all the positions in a history file enabling you to see the trackers movements even from many months ago, enabling you to just leave it on the vehicle without logging in from your PC or phone and still be able to see what journeys it has made at your leisure. The tracking panel can be viewed from any modern PC as long as it has a internet connection. There is also a facility that allows you to view the tracker in real time from a tablet or mobile phone using our free Android App or IOS Apps. Our trackers will work in 52 different countries giving you worldwide tracking capabilities for a list of countries click here. Countries List

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