Types Of Video Surveillance


With evolving technology the use of video surveillance has become increasingly more popular. From a simple miniature camera to a complex microwave transmission systems.

Cameras with integral recorders.

From a covert surveillance point of view these are by far the most popular product. These units are self contained cameras video/audio recorders that are either battery or mains powered. They can be found in alarm clocks, table lamps air fresheners and dozens of other everyday items. The vast majority of these use a Micro SD card as a recording medium which can give up to 64 hrs of recording time, when this is triggered by motion activation it can equate to weeks of operation. For further details see Self contained camera /recorders.

Wireless cameras

This type of camera contains a video audio transmission system that sends the transmitted video and audio via a radio link to a receiver that can be connected to a monitor or recorder or a combination of both. The general range of this type of device is around 100 metres line of sight. For further details see Wireless Cameras

Wired Cameras

This type of camera is more suitable for long term surveillance comprising of a camera either covert or overt wired back to a recording device/ monitor normally a hard drive video recorder. The installation of these is more time consuming and involved but once fitted they can be forgot about until such a time as you wish to view the recordings which can be months old depending on the hard drive size. The majority of these hard drive recorders can be connected to the internet allowing you to view the cameras in real time as well a review the recordings from anywhere in the world with a internet connection, these can be accessed from a PC, laptop or a smart phone. For more information see Wired Cameras

WIFI IP Cameras

This type of camera connects to a nearby wifi router using Wi\fi, this type of camera is really limited to installation on your own premises as you need access to the router for configuration purposes. Once set up the camera should be accessible from any internet connected PC or smart phone. For more information see WIFI IP Cameras

3G Cameras

These 3g cameras are better suited to short term surveillance as you are making a video call from your mobile phone directly to the unit. A 3G camera unit hidden inside a object can send covert video and audio to you on a 3g phone anywhere in the world. 3G, or ‘3rd Generation’ technology makes mobile surveillance possible using your own mobile phone handset. You can simply make a video call into the 3G security cameras from your mobile phone a view and control the camera. For more information see 3G Cameras