Nanny Cam

With today’s financial and social demands parents need to strike a balance between career and caring for young children, enlisting the help of family or turn to private childcare.

Often people opt for employing a professional to care for the child in there own home. This has many advantages as the child is in its secure home environment rather than a private nursery.

In the majority of cases this solution works fine with no problems but until the parents have developed a trust in the child minder over a period of time they are always going to be worried about what happens when they are out and how well the child is being cared for and this is where a nanny cam can give you the peace of mind you require.
The nanny cam is effectively a hidden camera either recording events in certain rooms or enabling you real time peace of mind by remote viewing of the camera from your place of work etc.

For a nanny cam to be effective it needs to be secretly placed in the room where the child will spend the majority of its time and on some occasions it is desirable to use 2 or more cameras.

When choosing a nanny cam there are a few things you need to decide first such as do you want to record the camera view or do you want to simply access the camera remotely when you choose and view in real time. Nanny cameras can be supplied in many innocuous household items that give no indication that they have a camera in them. Often the best solution is to use a wireless camera that transmits video and audio to a receiver placed in a nearby room, this receiver is then connected to avideo recorder which in turn records everything the camera views.

The camera will always require a power supply either derived from a battery or mains power, in the majority of situations a mains powered device such as a clock radio is the best choice as it is left permanently plugged in and the power for the clock radio and camera are both drawn from the mains power supply. Battery operated hidden cameras give greater flexibility although they can be limited to 4 or 5 hours battery life.

To record the received images some form of video recorder is needed, this can take the form of a normal domestic VCR or a specialist security recorder. The domestic VCR is the most cost effective way of recording although the downside is that you are limited to 8 hours of recording and the recording is continuous as you can not use motion activation. If a specialist hard drive recorder is used these are reasonably inexpensive and provide days or even months of recording depending on the drive capacity with the bonus of event only recording, this means that when there is no activity in the camera view the recorder stops recording making playback much simpler and quicker. These recorders can often be connected to a broadband connection giving you the facility to view real time or review the recordings from a remote computer, although the reality of setting up an efficient network is often beyond the knowledge of the none business user.

If your requirement is to view in real time just to check that all is well a remote viewing hidden 3G camera using the mobile telephone network is all that is required. To use this type of system all you require is a mobile phone that is capable of making a video call, the majority of recent phones have this facility. To access the hidden camera all you need to do is make a video call to the camera and this will silently and automatically answer your call giving you real time video and audio of the camera view.